The Parkland Florida School Shooting False Flag

Parkland School Shooting False Flag:

VIOLENT EXTREMISM Strong Cities Network, the U.N. and the New World Order

David Hogg and the Parkland Gun-Grab Psyop

Updates in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting Investigation

Scott Israel Violates Election Law With Impunity (2016)

False Flags – Are You Awake or Are You Still Sound Asleep

Florida High School Shooting Active Shooter Drill Tells All

David Hogg Can’t Add Up his Sister’s Dead Friends on One Hand.

David Hogg Says the “F” Word in Anti-gun Rant 111

Sheriff Scott Israel Sex Scandal – Teenage Affair and Abortion

Sheriff Israel Called Incompetent and corrupt by CNN (((((((((Jake Tapper)))))))))

Jaime Guttenberg: Parkland Shooting Family CONNECTED to DHS

David Hogg “Crisis Actor” Interview Proves Fake Shooting at Douglas…

Crisis Actors Busted Faking Bullet Wound to Right Ankle

No Obituaries For Parkland Shooting Dead (Project.Nsearch)

Parkland Shooting Victim – Martin Duque Anguiano- CONNECTED to PBS and ABC

Parkland Survivors Insist Multiple Shooters Fired Shots

David Hogg 2015 Grad at Redondo Shores HS in California (MRR)

153News.net Parkland Videos:

New Teacher- Describes a Cop as Shooter

MSD Mom- Let Me Know Where u Are (Scott Beigel)

New Parkland Micky Mouse Evidence – MSD High School Shooting Hoax

Hoggy – Why You Acting Shai

World’s Dumbest School Shooter (Ocala, Forrest High School)

Florida HS Ankle Shooting – What’s with the DRINKS? (Ocala, Forrest High School)

Florida Sports Drink Ankle Shooter – (Ocala, Forrest High School)

3 More Parkland Actorvists

Parkland Hero – Wolverine Anthony Borges – MSD

Carlitos-Swaggy-Another Parkland Actor – MSD Hoax

DNC-MSD ACTORVIST Brandon Dasent Amos

BLM Protestor & Anti-Gun Parkland Student

MSD-“It was NOT Gunshots-It was Blanks” – Eden Hebron

MSD-New Documentary – NEW Oridnary Teens

Shooting Hoaxes Must Go on – Maryland

David Hogg’s I’m NOT a Crisis Actor TOUR

Moron Teacher Wants to SHOOT YOU-Parkland Hoax

Parkland HS Fake Dead Switcheroo (Stolen ID Photos, Allison Wyatt and Scott Beigel)

Parkland HS Walk of Shame – Student with iPhone reveals the lie

Parkland HS Political Insider Turned Teacher (Greg Pittman, Green Screen, Walkies, Blinking – Worked on Cap Hill for John East and Gov Martin in NC.)

Parkland HS Wacky Wonder Twins

Parkland HS How You Know these Teens Are Lying

Parkland HS How You Know these Teens Are Lying (FEMA Drill Badge at 2:15 – Simmunition hit at 11:15)

Parkland HS Meets Ft Lauderdale Airpot – Annika Dean is Back from the airport now playing Parkland! Drills are traumatizing for children. Sheriff israel a Key personality in both events but never mentioned on MOCKBIRD MEDIA

Parkland HS Army Smokin’ Drill – CNN Green Screen kid interviewed says police officers trained for a drill where they would be shooting blanks.

MIRROR Parkland Florida student says there were rumors of a fake shooting drill about to happen

MIRROR – Florida School Shooting – No Life Flight Helicopters! DoubleHoopNation YT


Books About the Parkland Florida False Flag School Shooting:

BOOK: The Parkland Puzzle — How the Pieces Fit Together (Moon Rock Books)



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