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False flag terror is an intentional and mortal trick whereby blame is projected and made to fall upon an innocent third party. It has the specific and diabolical purpose of demonizing an ‘enemy’ normally with the purpose of facilitating a war. It involves the State or elements of the State conspiring to kill its own citizens and that depends on media collaboration, whereby the national media will project the required narrative.

The perpetrators remain hidden, whereas the blame falls in a very public manner–this is the new art-form, made by Those Who Create Delusion.  Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D Chronicles of False Flag Terror

Welcome to False Flag News! Here we document the attempt, by those who CAN, to change the way you perceive reality.  In these links, and the more to come, you can learn, not only facts supported by evidence and underpinned by natural law (concerning major events reported by mainstream propaganda media,) but how to think about future events also presented as reality; events which are, in fact, just more deception carefully packaged and offered as truth. It is this offer Americans must decline most emphatically if we are to reclaim reality and control of our lives.

In fact, Reality has become politicized, and a war is being waged against objective distinctions. An envy-based rage has been set loose against nature, and therefore against man, using formless, fluid weapons of words to create reality out of wishes.

The Rabbit Hole Begins Below:

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